LOCATION: Kavango East and Kavango West Regions

SECTOR: Agriculture

The Northern Communal Area (NCA)’s weakest link in the slaughter ox/cow production and slaughter market value chain is the poor condition, low carcass mass, low fat grades and old age at reasonable slaughter weight of cattle produced in the NCA.

Poor grazing conditions at the end of the rains following rains, and high cost of supplementary feed mean that those farmers’ cattle cannot gain enough weight for the market. As a result, NCA experiences a net import of meat and meat products from the southern parts of Namibia. This results in production value losses and poses supply challenges to processing components of the value chain.

The purpose of the project is to establish feedlots and fodder production which will address current losses in value and simultaneously address the problem of quality as required by markets. The feedlots linked to the Green Scheme Fodder production will open up a weaner market, and produce slaughter-ready cattle to abattoirs.

Fodder, feedlot and abattoir enterprises of this project will be integrated to support the entire value chain from fodder production and feedlots to the abattoirs that will produce the required meat and meat products for markets in NCA, as well as African and international markets.

This project will enable the NCA to increase the competitiveness of the meat value chain, using vertical integration of the value chain and resultant savings, through bio-technology and excellent management and control systems. The project provides for an advantage for NCA to be able to produce animal feed crops under both rain-fed and irrigated conditions.

The project will enhance market access for NCA livestock farmers by facilitating market development in NCA, Africa and internationally. The project will open up a weaner market and ensure that quality is enhanced for meat and meat products from the NCA.

A total of 12,000 young animals per year will go through the feedlot system. It is expected that 600 additional jobs will be created, hence contributing towards increased economic growth of the regions and of the country. Spin-off industries that will be supported include feed suppliers and producers, transporters, the veterinary industry and abattoir support industries. The project will unlock a total income of N$188 million per year for farmers and feedlot operators. The project will improve the income and living standards of a total of 950 households.

The project will require N$150 million (USD 10,7 million).

The implementation period of the project is two years (2019 to 2020).

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